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According to 19th Livestock Census puts the number of goats in the country at 135.17 million and number of farmers holders is  33.01 million. Goats constitute 26.40% of the total livestock population in the Country.

India ranks on top in goat population. The demand for meat, milk and fiber is increasing progressively and expected to further rise in future in view of sizable increase in per capita income and health consciousness of people.

Goat farming in India is now a growing sector, generally its commonly known as Bakri plan for so many years, but now it is developing as a commercial goat farming.

About Goatwala Farm

Goatwala farm is situated in a small town Sundrel  Dist. Dhar Madhya Pradesh  (M.P )  is the oldest Goat Farm (ESTD 2000 ) in India and a recognized name in  commercial stall fed goat farming  and only one institute in Central India that is devoted to Goat Farming and providing all possible solutions regarding  Goat farming

Goatwala Farm was started in the year 2000 by its founder and MD, Deepak Patidar and is an agricultural graduate and done their graduation ( B SC. AG ) From the College of Agriculture Indore and then after taking 10 days of training on commercial Goat farming from Central Goat Research Institute Makhdoom Mathura.

since year 2000 this institute is continuously developing in the field of goat rearing and the objective of this institute is to promote the sector of goat rearing and to solve the problems faced by the people related to it, as well as to share and spread all the scientific research related to goat farming to reach the poor agricultural laborers so that even poor farmers can earn good income from goat rearing.

Goatwala farm in itself is a scientific and practical model of an integrated farming system and unique unit where along with goat rearing with scientific management, dairy unit is also operated.  Cow dung and goat’s Magni /dung is used in the Bio Gas Plant and the gas produced from this is used for cooking by the labor living on the farm and the remaining bio gas is used for electricity generation. Renewable energy is used extensively for irrigation by installing a 5 HP pump set running on solar energy.

All the waste water used in Goatwala farm is also recycled and used for irrigation and not a single drop of water is wasted, as well as the slurry generated from bio gas is used by lifting it with a slurry pump and for irrigation directly in the field. Also used as manure and used in vermicompost.

Our services :

  • We have 6 major breeds at our farm Sirohi, Barbari, Beetal, Sojat, Totapari, Karoli,
  • We also provide 3/5 days of Residential Training on commercial Goat farming for new Goat farmers/entrepreneurs / peravet/farm managers with the practical demonstration for running their farms with scientific knowledge.
  • Our organization also provides one-day Training on Commercial Goat Farming and Exposure visit to the Goatwala Farm for all categories like Goat farmer/agriculture project volunteers /NGO’s project coordinators/agriculture projects field workers and commercial goat farmers. The training programs are will be very helpful for improving the management skill of goat farmers and reducing losses of goat rearing and getting more profit per unit of goat.
  • We are also a well-known organization for the pure line Breeding Goat supplier and sale only 100% vaccinated and completely adopted in stall-fed condition.
  • We also sell other goat’s farming-related equipment and material.
  • We also provide complete consultancy and training on commercial goat farming

This site is also work as a information site because we think that most of the people who are taking interest in the sector of goat farming would not get the proper information about the goat sector and related Government and non government farms, institute and organizations in the country and state.

Our organization is vary thankful to the following institution, scientists and veterinary doctors and practitioners for supporting us for improving our knowledge in the goat sector and also giving the value able suggestions and guideline for establishing in the sector.

  1. Central Institute for Research on Goats Makhdoom, Mathura, U.P.) (C.I.R.G.).
  2. National Bureau of animal genetic resources karnal Haryana. (N.D.R.I )
  3. Maharashtra Sheep & Goat Research & Development Institute Phaltan, Dist-Satara (Maharashtra)
  4. M.P. State Veterinary Department.
  5. M.P. State Livestock & Poultry Development Corporation

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