Annual Consultancy



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Annual consultancy plan / package

Annual Charges :- 135000/- per year

Services provided under this plan / package

  • The charges of annual consultancy is 135000/-
  • The package is applicable for the unit of 100 goats.
  • This package contains all the facility of the Teleconferencing and video
    conferencing. And also provide vaccination and deworming facility by the
    company and our representative will be do all the practices at concern farm.
  • Our representative will reached 5-6 times, depending upon the schedule of
    vaccination of PPR,FMD,ET,HS, Goat Pox etc.
  • The vaccine and medicines for deworming is provided by our organization and
    our representative will do all vaccines at your farm and update you for the next
    one and every events in advance.
  • The goat farm/company has to provide monthly data of all their goats in our
    desired format, so we can help you for better growth of goats and treatment
  • In case of any disease outbreak our agency will provide complete technical
    support by telephonic or video conferencing facility.
  • In the case of disease outbreak we can be provide our representative for treatment
    of goats, but the expenses regarding traveling, accommodation, medicines and
    minimum honorarium of our representative will be paid by concern farm.
  • The goat farm/company have provide at least two supporting manpower/labor to
    our representative at the time of vaccination and other farm practices.
  • The traveling and accommodation charge will be paid by the concern
    company/goat farm and the firm have to book both sides tickets( Train /bus ) in
  • Due to distance and traveling time and mode will effect many things of
    consultancy ,that why the final term and condition will be finalized at the time of
    final agreement.

    Services is available only in working days, ( Monday to Friday)