3 days Residential Training Program on commercial goat farming





Goatwala Farm ,Sundrel

Demonstration / exposure of farm and other activities

  1. vaccination of different vaccine and injections ,like Inter muscular, Sub cuteness , Inter venal etc.
  2. Method of collection for Blood sampling
  3. Method of  dung ( Bit ) sample collection
  4. Drenching of different medicine through oral route
  5. Proper method of given oral medicine tablets.
  6. Heat detection of a Goat and Natural Mating ( Crossing )
  7. Spraying & Dipping if Kids
  8. Delivery of Goat ( if Possible )
  9. Collestrum Feeding
  10. Weighing of Goats
  11. Temperature taking of a goat
  12. Identification of a sick goats
  13. Care and treatment of  goat timpani or Bloating,

 Terms and conditions of Training Program

  • Venue of Training is Goatwala Farm
  • All the Trainee should be arrive on one day previous evening / night, so we can start our training program on schedule time on the next
  • The trainee can make their travel plans according to this schedule so you can make their traveling convenient. And please send your travel plan in advance so we can manage the things
  • The program is for 3 Days, in First two Days half day will be academic and half day will be practical. In third day will be practical demonstration, group discussion & examination
  • Training Fess will be deposit in Advance in our Bank
  • Training fees is variable, and depending upon the residential tariff plan. So please choose the training charges according to your profile, status and desire. And not
  • After compilation of program the training certificate will be given to participants/
  • Accommodation is included in the Training fees.( 3 Night and 3 Days ) and our services is starts from previous evening of training dates only .
  • The institute will reserve your accommodation and all relevant facilities behalf of your advance training
  • If the Trainee required, we can also reserve their accommodations separately for them as their desirable tariff (at their own cost).And giving considerable discount in our training fees for not taking our accommodation
  • We will daily pick up and drop all the trainees from their hotels during the training
  • Goat literature, Goat Video CD, and other relevant material are given during Training
  • Exposure Program of farm and practical demonstration is also involve in the training

Deepak Patidar ( CMD )
Timings for calling   :- 11:30 am to 6:30 pm
calling Days :-   Monday to Friday
E Mail ID :- goatwala@gmail.com
Text Box: +91 – 78699-29786 (Farm No.)


You can also check the location on Google map  Goatwala farm Dhar MP