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Consultancy plan and package
Thanks a lot for taking interest in commercial goat farming.

Our organization is also provide the consultancy for goat projects and commercial goat farms.
 The term and condition is depend upon the project and farm planning of the company/ firm.

1.At the first phase of consultancy you have to visit our farm and give us the raw data of your detail infrastructure and farm set up or fill our information cum data collection format.
2. This format can be fill by our representative at the time of your site visit.
3. All the travel and accommodation expenses is on your end and fastest way of travel will be taken.
4. Our organization is not responsible for sales and marketing of your finish product (Live Animals, meat, milk, fiber, Skin etc.), but we can support you for obtaining the good value of your product.
5.The visit fees will be pay in advance and it will be 10,000/-Rs/day basis.
6. We are also provide annual consultancy service.
7. we are also provide annual consultancy by tale and video conferencing.
8. The term and condition can be prepare for your special requirement also.
9. Final term and condition will be decided at the time of agreement and final discussion.

Thanks & Regards
Deepak Patidar