Goat Fodder

Annual Planting Calendar

SN Crop season Time of sowing Varieties of Crops Duration of fodder availability
A Kharif   June –Aug Maize Sep—oct

Multicut Bajra,Cow pea,Gwar



B Rabi Oct – Dec Barseem Nov –Feb
Oats Dec – Feb
Lucern Nov – June
Maize Dec- Feb
C Zayad Feb – Apr Lucern Mar – June
Maize May – June
Multicut Bajra Apr- -July,Aug
Multicut Jwar Mar – Aug
D Every season Jan –  Dec C O 3,

C O4 Napier,Mulleto


Note :-

  1. Berseem growth rate is fast in winter and burn in summers .
  2. Lucern .bajra and multicut sorghum (jwar) growth rate is fast in summers .
  3. Many perineal crops like CO-3 ,CO-4, Napier , Mulleto, Styllo etc. crops can grow round the year, first cutting will be come after 45- 60 days according to the season and after every 15 -20 days the crop is ready to cut, crop can be used or 3-4 years I we give proper fertilizers ,other nutrients and inter culture field operations. But the kharif season is good for sowing because water requirement is more of these crops, so if we use winter and summer for sowing we required more irrigation

Deepak Patidar