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Requirement of housing of different category of animal is specific. According to their age and growth the space requirements details is given below:

Sn Age group



Space for covered Area


(Sq. Mtr)

Space for open Area

(open to sky) (Sq. Mtr)

1 0-3 0.2-0.3 0.4-0.6
2 3-9 0.6-0.75 1.2 – 1.5
3 9-12 0.75- 1.0 1.5 – 2.0
4 Female Pregnant 1.5 3.0

Note :-

table data is scientifically data Refference from CIRG (Central Institute For Research On Goats Makhdoom Mathura U.P. )

  • For a simple calculation 10-12 Sq.ft. space is required for covered ( Asbestos sheet / G I / tin sheet) Area and 20-24 Sq.ft. space is required for open fencing/ channeling or Rooming Area
  • For a small trial unit of 100 – 125 goats a 60 * 20 Sq Ft Shed is appropriate and economic.
  •  Due to some scientific reason the shed should be made in East – West direction (long axis) and open fencing should be in North or South side.
  • For a big commercial farm 125 * 120 Sq Ft. Area shed is good and economical and it should be make in a central manger or passage system.
  • In this system 125 *40 Sq.Ft. is used for covered space and 125 * 40 Sq.Ft. for both side for open fencing area.
  • Shed should be make complete inbuilt manger and drinking water mangers /pots system.
  • Artificial rectangular feeder is also required for green fodder eating and for open fence area.
  • In this shed 300- 325 goats of different age groups can be easily reared.
  • If more shed is required for the project ,it should be make in a multiple manner of these shed dimensions.


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Goat Shed

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